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Radio course in Heilbronn:
An exciting experience with Karl, Martin, Günter, and the Württembergischen Motorboot Club e. V.

We attended the wireless course in Heilbronn, generously supported by the Württembergischen Motorboot Club e. V.

The friendly atmosphere created by the charming demeanor of Karl (pictured on the left) and Martin (unfortunately not pictured), our instructors, made learning a pleasure.

The course was engaging, captivating, and the practical examples made the conveyed knowledge easily understandable. Karl and Martin, both subject matter experts, ensured that no question remained unanswered. The kind support of the Motorboat Club not only opened doors to knowledge but also provided a glimpse behind the scenes of a dedicated community.

Overall, the course was not only educational but also entertaining and inspiring. The experience was so positive that I would attend the course again at any time. My thanks go to Karl, Martin, and the Württemberg Motorboat Club e. V. for a rewarding and enjoyable time!